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The Actor's Workshop - Detroit

Discover the powerful artist within.

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The Actor's Workshop has served as a resource center for actors and filmmakers for 29 years.


                                                                                    Acting Training for Film & Stage
                                                                                    Young Actors Program: Children & Teens
                                                                                    Private Coaching
                                                                                    Career Guidance



June 23 - September 17

What can an acting class do for you? Among other things:

* Improve your presence
* Develop voice and speech
* Sharpen listening skills
* Broaden horizons
* Expose you to literature of the theatre and to great film
* Relieve stress
* Help to Age Creatively
* Grow as Human Being
* Help you to See the Big Picture
* Value the importance of connecting to one another

* Assist you in your search for truth & beauty

* Essential for establishing a serious acting career

* Pamper your soul!

We believe in living with relentless curiosity.  We embrace the idea that we never stop learning.  There's always something new from which to draw inspiration. We hope to offer tons of inspiration in 2014.  Come join us!

* * * * *

Curious about what goes on in class?  Anyone interested can audit on certain Mondays and Saturdays; advance notice is required for that. 

Actors with disabilities & disfigurements welcome.

All photos by Marcus Allen


Actors Maiya Sahr and Jeff Caponigro during rehearsal.                    Actors Josh Fite (back) and Scott Short (front) in Dreams                                                                                                

Aaron Pettway, Ian Jones, Rhys Wyn Trenhaile and Ahmad Alshumary in Dreams.


1 Essentials of Acting I 

(Mondays, 7:00 PM - 10:45 PM) 

Session I:  June 23 - July 28

Session II:  Aug. 11 - Sept. 15

$199 for 6 weeks of study; $299 for 12 weeks

2 Essentials of Acting II

(Tuesdays, 7:00 PM - 10:45 PM)

July 15 - Sept. 16

$299 for 10 weeks

Actor As Filmmaker  

(Wednesdays, 7:00 PM - 10:45 PM) 

July 16 - Sept. 17

$350 for 10 weeks of study; includes attendance in Essentials classes

Young Actors Program

New actors may enroll in one of these ways:

  • In person, by appointment
  • By mail, up to a week before class starts
  • Via PayPal invoice
  • By phone with credit or debit card

Acting Program

 The Actor's Workshop


August 11, 2014
  • Young Actors Program resumes August 10
  • New actors accepted into Essentials I on August 11