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with If I Can Dream 

New Stage Show produced by The Actor's Workshop

The Actor's Workshop announces auditions for upcoming show, Ghost Sonata and If I Can Dream, to be performed on the same bill at the Young Fenix Fellowship Performance Space in Detroit on December 7-10 and December 15-17.  Rehearsals are Tuesday evenings, Thursdays evenings and Saturday afternoons (November 14, 16, 18, 21, 25, 28, 30, December 2 with the possibility of a few spots rehearsals added.)

The Ghost Sonata, an acknowledged masterpiece by August Strindberg, is an expressionistic drama populated by eccentric, guilt-ridden characters and lost souls.  Staged as if a dream or nightmare, the characters wander the streets as if under a spell.  One critic called the play "a dramatist's Addams Family." If I Can Dream is an original musical one-act by Detroit writer/director Brian Lawrence. 

Auditions are by appointment and will be held at The Actor's Workshop. Call (248) 919-8233 for an appointment. 


Amelia, aka The Mummy: Age 40+. Married to the Colonel, she has suffered abuse at his hand, leading to insanity.  For 20 years she has lived in a closet.   

The Caretaker’s Wife: 30s or 40s.  She helps tend the house with her husband, the Caretaker. 

The Cook: 20s to 60.  Vampire-like, she's slowly starving the family she works for to death.  She refuses to leave the house and the family is powerless to drive her out.  

The Milkmaid: Young female, she's the ghost of a murdered girl who haunts an Old Man.    

The Fiancee: 40 – 60. Wealthy and very religious. As a young woman, she was engaged to the Old Man in the play and is currently engaged to his rival.  

Beggars: Various ages, male and female.  

Dark One: Teen or child, the illegitimate child of an aristocrat and the Caretaker's Wife.  




If I Can Dream is a short, whimsical comedy and musical revue that manages to poke fun at Hollywood and serves as a warning about a post-nuclear world.  Laced with broad humor and high energy hijinks, this play will provide comic counterpoint before the psychological drama of The Ghost Sonata. 


POLLARD TWINS: 18+.  Two bumpkins willing to do whatever it takes to get on stage and be seen.   

TEEN BABY: 18+. Young man created by a mad scientist in his secret laboratory, Teen Baby is an infant who has the size, musculature and hormones of a teenager.  

ENRAGED PATRON:  Male or female, any age. An actor planted in the audience who erupts in a rant about how much he or she hates audience participation.       

SCRIPT ASSISTANT: Timid continuity and slate operator, he or she is blamed for every problem that occurs during the shooting of a biopic.  Male or female, dynamic age range. 

CINEMATOGRAPHER: Male or female, 30 to 70.  The Cinematographer is a grizzled Hollywood veteran who shoots with a hand-held camera. 
STARVING CHILDREN:  Any pre-adult age, the kids appear in a post-apocalyptic scene following World War III.