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This came across our desktop...

CASTING CALL – Indie filmmaker seeks cast for feature-length HORROR film.

LITTLE DOLLS – Non-Union feature-length HORROR film

SYNOPSIS -- Young women have been disappearing from the local carnival. When John and his girlfriend split up, he falls under the spell of a mysterious woman. He thinks that she could possibly be the love of his life, but is she even alive – or is she just a doll…? A strange old gypsy carnie may hold the key…

Dramatis Personae: 

MARY (Dual Role): 20s. While at the carnival with her little girl, she gets abducted – and “changed” into a living DOLL-GIRL.

JOHN: 20s. He falls under the spell of the mysterious Doll-Girl. He eventually uncovers the truth about her, but it may already be too late.

AMANDA: 20s. John’s girlfriend. Even though they have a lovers’ spat in the beginning, she is still determined to get him back – no matter the cost.

CHARLOTTE: 6-10 years old. Mary's little girl. She last sees her mother when she is riding on the Merry Go Round.

GRANDMOTHER: 40s-50s. Mary’s mother and the little girl’s grandmother. She is worried sick about her daughter, who has been missing for weeks.

GYPSY as a BOY: 6-10 years old. A precocious child with a peculiar interest in mirrors.

GYPSY’S WIFE: 30s-40s. Mother of the gypsy’s only child. She is having an affair with her husband’s best friend.

PARAMOUR: 30s-40s. The Gypsy’s best friend. He is having an affair with the Gypsy’s wife.

HOLLY & IVY: 6-10 years old. After they upset their mother they go running into the forest. They bring back a strange little doll, hoping that they can make amends.

MOTHER: 20s-30s. Holly & Ivy's mother. They are not rich, but she still does her best to provide for her family.

FATHER: 20s-30s. Holly & Ivy’s father. He will do anything to protect his family.

DAVE, 20s. He is anything but smooth. His low confidence makes him a little gullible. Wears his heart on his sleeve. Endearing and sympathetic.

LILY, 20s. Sophisticated. Mature for her age. An “old soul.” Full of secrets. Quiet and reserved, yet when she speaks, she casts a spell.


SHOOTING: Starts in July 2017

COMPENSATION: Screen Credit, Film Clips, IMDB Credit

CONTACT:  Please send questions, or headshots and résumés to Thomas Browning, Writer & Director, at